We began our business ACS back in 2004 operating this company under a different name "ShowOffMotorsports". We started out primarily customizing motorcycles but expanded over the years into all vehicle types with continued success. After growth and a larger location, we changed our name to Advanced Coating Solutions, LLC back in 2007. We are currently located at 4915 Trade Center Drive in Fredericksburg VA that provides a larger space for our expanded services. There is no project too big or small; with a 20 ft. and 6 ft. ovens, ACS can provide custom to production powder coating and sandblasting (particle-blasting, media-blasting) in a 12x20 ft. “blasting room”. Professionals at ACS consult with each customer to ensure the proper coating for your project. We offer a variety of powder formulations to choose from depending on the item that is being coated and its use. We guarantee your satisfaction. We enjoy helping every customer in a timely and professional manner.



       Powder Coating is the process in which a powder is applied electrostaticaly to any material that can withstand required baking temperatures. Applied powder is heated or cured in an oven allowing the powder to form a high gloss to a textured film which dries to a firm, durable, pore free finish. Powder coat is extremely resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust.


       Advanced Coating Solutions does the entire powder coating process daily and it involves several steps. After determining the substrate we are working with the cleaning process begins. We start with media-blasting, sandblasting, or particle blasting. We also offer chemical cleaning. This process ensures that the customers products are free of any oils, dirt, rust, mill scale etc. Then we use a pre-treatment (an important step not done by all coaters) of iron or zinc phosphate that we apply to further protect and improve the surface for powder adherence. After rinsing materials and completely drying them we are able to mask and cover the areas that are not to be coated. We always make certain we are using the correct high-temperature tape and/or caps or plugs designed especially for powder coating. The items are then racked and pre-baked (a process not done by all coaters). Here at ACS we bake the customers products to ensure all impurities are baked out of the substrate.


      Our final step is to FULLY cure the powder material at 375-400 degrees Fahrenheit temperature for approximately 10-20 minutes. Failing to properly prep materials can result in several defects such as out gassing, pore adhesion, and other blemishes. We are consistant with 

      Here at ACS our 10+ years of experience allows us to troubleshoot and eliminate common powder coat defects. Our satisfied customers are proof we do excellent work here at ACS PowderCoating LLC,.

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